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Industrial Detergents Vehicle Wash

DC-111, DC-11 E ( Extra Strength)

A concentrated acid detergent solution, specifically intended for use in cleaning and brightening aluminum fuel tanks and rub rails on over the road tractor trailers. It may also be used as a shock treatment to aid in cleaning wheels, frames and back of cab. Do not apply to windshields, or anodized aluminum. If product is applied to dry glass or allowed dry on glass,the glass will be etched.


Super Shine Aluminum brightner. A highly concentrated acid detergent solution intended for cleaning and brightening unpainted over the road aluminum trailers and fuel tanks. Your Aluminum will shine.

Truck Wash


One Step Truck Wash Neutralizer super concentrated for economy shipment, handling, and storage.

DC-116 E- Extra Stength

One Step Truck Wash Neutralizer super concentrated for economy shipment, handling, and storage.

Blue Force  Extra Strength Cleaner Degreaser Neutralizer:  A Super concentrated BIODEGRADABLE alkaline solution commonly used for the removal of road trip and oxide from painted and stainless steel over the road trucks and trailers.




Heavy Duty Degreaser.  A unique concentrate of highly active solvents, detergents and other chemicals.  For usage on buses, rucks, trailers, boats, engines, machinery, floors, and walls where a heavy duty degreasing agent is needed.  Dc-12 makes an excellent heavy duty steam cleaning agent.


Extra Heavy Duty Degreaser:  An extra fast acting blend of solvents, detergents, and other exclusive chemicals for usage on stubborn grease and oil build up on trucks, engines and chassis, heavy equipment, garage floors, parking lots, plant equipment, and any area that an extra bite is needed. Use with care on aluminum and other soft metals that may etch.

DC-14 E - Extra Boosters


Industrial Cleaners

Floor Cleaners, Spray Wax, Equipment Cleaners, & General Industrial Cleaners also available upon request. We Custom Blend for Industry.  How Can We Help You? 

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